"life is nothing without love..love is nothing without you.."

Saturday, January 28, 2012

♥ Skinny love ♥

She's 15 and very talented.
I'm 20++ and has no talent. This is sad.
I know this is a cover version but I fall in love with her voice.
Lovely. Beautiful.

I complain and complain and complain.

I think it has been months that i have not updated my blog. I have so many things to write but most of it ends up in drafts section. Oops!

Well today, i promise i will publish this post. :D

Some people said that i look very innocent. Some people said i look like a high school kid! (it's a compliment!) But the truth is, i am a BITCH. This particular someone just made me realize how mean i was to him/her. I just realized that all this while, i take this particular person for granted. I did not show this particular person my appreciation for what this person had done for me. Instead, i complained. We've known each other for quite some time but i have never done anything special for this particular person. Instead, i complained. Yeah, i complained quite a lot when all i need to do is to say 'Thank you'. 

Now, i feel really bad. I feel really guilty. I spent more than an hour trying to reflect my actions towards this person. And i came to a conclusion: UNGRATEFUL. Yes. I have this lovely person with me, who i know would do anything to cheer me up and in return, i would complain. I was being ungrateful. I did not appreciate this person. I was treating this person like SHIT. And now, i'm losing this person. 

So, as a conclusion, always be grateful, Appreciate your friends AND Don't complain a lot. Because the people who are always there for you, might not be there anymore when you keep treating them like shit. 

p/s: I deserve this shit. 

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

the end is here.


The end is here.

I am going to be jobless again in 2 weeks time.

Congrats Nadia.

You are officially the loser among the losers.

Good Luck to me to get a new job.

But before that, let my cry myself a river first.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

i miss US.

Those were the days when I had all the time in the world to spend my time with them. Now, everybody is everywhere doing their own thing. It's not easy to meet up and catch up. I just can't wait for RAYA because I know, that will be the time where everybody will make time for each other :)

*iftar with the girls that I ♥*

p/s: finally all of us had the time to have our iftar together. If only all of the 'Beaches & Aceholes' were there too...

Saturday, August 20, 2011

being lonely.

Being lonely is sucks.
Being lonely is sad.

But sometimes being lonely is what we need to appreciate what we had before. 
Or what we have now. 

Oh Snap! It's the OrangUtan!

Found this video after I watched "The Rise of The Plane of The Apes". Yeah, it's pretty creepy to see how apes (or OrangUtan) can act just like humans. I guess Darwin's theory was right after all! 

Monday, August 15, 2011

conversation with my little brother.

His birthday was last May. He demanded expensive things from my parents. Mind you, he is only 13. He got an iPod touch from my dad and also a whole set of suit from my mom. (Blazer, vest, shirt, slack trousers and tie). It is ridiculous right?  

Me: Motif?
Mama: Papa la yang suruh. Mama dah kene beli sebab Jemir nak sangat. 
Me: Manja kan sangat! 

Actually I'm jealous. I mean, it costs almost RM500! 

Me: Jemir nak pakai blazer pergi mana?
Jemir: Ntah. Hotel kot.
Me: Membazir je. Hotel mana? Untuk?
Jemir: Ntah. If ada makan-makan, jemir pakai la.
Emir: Alaa..nanti kakak kawin kat hotel, Jemir pakai la.
Me: Hamboih!

And one day, Jemir asked me a question.

Jemir: Kak, bila kakak nak kahwin?
Me: Huh? Kenapa tetiba tanya??
Jemir: Jemir nak pakai suit! Nanti tak muat!
Me: Tunggu lagi 2-3 tahun. Padan muka! 
Jemir: Alaa...kahwinlah akhir tahun ni. Or tahun depan. Insyallah Jemir muat lagi pakai suit if tahun depan.
Me: Ingat senang ke nak kahwin? Sapa nak bagi duit? Plus, if kakak kahwin, kene pakai baju melayu ok? No suit.
Jemir: Alaa...kata nak buat kat hotel. Suit la.
Me: Jemir nak bagi kakak duit ke? Kakak buat kat dewan je. Baju melayu ok?
Jemir: Takde. Jemir nak pakai suit gak! And Jemir boleh guarantee yang kakak akan kahwin akhir tahun nie.
Me: =_='

Gile punye adik!