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Friday, March 25, 2011

Jerawat Oh Jerawat.

I have pimples! And of the pimples is situated on the side of my nose. Not inside my nose, okay.

That is not the embarrassing part yet. 

I was on the way to Tatie's house to pick her up to go to UM. I didn't realize how big my pimple was on the side of my nose until I stopped at the traffic light. So while waiting for the light to turn green, I decided to 'picit' my pimple. So I looked at the mirror and squeezed it as hard as I can. And suddenly I felt like someone was looking at me. And when I turned around...

Yerp, you guess it right. A police car. Two police men was looking at me and they smiled at me. More like 'tersengih'. I was so embarrassed and I just looked at the front and wished that the traffic would turn to green at anytime soon. Once the traffic light turned green, I drove as fast as I can (not above the speed limit). Malu okay!

p/s: okay, I need to start to buy facial wash.